Electrical engineer with experience in programming, optics and leadership


Elite Masters in Advanced Optical Technologies

Specialization in Deep Learning

Friedrich Alexander University - Germany

BS in Electrical Engineering - LUMS

Exchange student at University of Southern Indiana,

United States

Work Experience

Jan 2020 – Present                Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen – Student Research Assistant
                                                 Involved in various projects concerning Deep Learning and compression

Oct 2019 – Dec 2019             University of Ottawa, Canada – Visiting Student Research Scholar

Dec 2017 - Dec 2020             Max Planck Institute for Light, Erlangen - Student Research Assistant
                                                  Carried out research projects involving photonic crystal fibers

Oct 2018 – Mar 2019             Robert Bosch GmbH, Nuremburg – Student Assistant in International 

                                                  Production Network

Dec 2017 – Dec 2019             SPIE Friedrich Alexander University chapter - President

Aug 2016 - Dec 2016              Lahore University of Management Sciences - Teaching Assistant

                                                   Microcontroller and interfacing course

Sep 2015 - Nov 2015              Patchwork Central, United States - Volunteer

Sep 2014 - Jan 2015                Lahore University of Management Sciences - Teaching Assistant

                                                   Engineering laboratory course

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013                Lahore University of Management Sciences – Intern

Selected Projects

Jul 2020 – March 2021        Domain adaptation for stereo depth estimation using Deep Neural Networks

                                               MS thesis topic.

Jul 2020 – Present               Evaluation of impact of training data compression on Deep Neural Networks

Jul 2019 – Jul 2020               Whispering gallery mode spectroscopy for non-invasive characterization of

                                                hollow-core fibers

Jan 2016 – Mar 2017           A MEMS and Agile Optics-Based Variable Optical Power Splitter.

Apr 2016 – May 2016          Content Based Image and Video Retrieval.

Aug 2016 – Dec 2016           Optics Lab Set-up at University of Southern Indiana.

Honors and Awards

Sep 2012 - May 2017          National Outreach Program (NOP) scholarship – (approx. 30,000 USD)

Aug 2015 – Dec 2015          UGRAD Global Exchange Program scholarship – (approx. 15,000 USD)

Sep 2010 – Sep 2012           Lahore Board Merit Scholarship

2011                                       National Physics Talent


Jun 2017                            Poster Paper titled “A MEMS and Agile Optics-Based Variable Optical Power Splitter                                          with No Moving Parts” presented in SPIE Digital Optical Technologies conference

Jan 2019                            Paper titled “A dual-mode variable optical power splitter using a Digital Spatial Light                                            Modulator and a variable focus lens”, published in Journal of Optical Fiber                                                             Technology

Jan 2021                           Paper titled “Optical response and Fano resonances in arrays of plasmonic                                                             heptamer-arranged nanoholes”, published in Journal of Applied Physics

In Progress                       Simulation, fabrication and characterization of plasmonic heptamer-arranged                                                       nanoholes on photonic crystal fiber for bio-sensing applications

Software Proficiency

Programming                  I am proficient in writing programs in C, C++, Matlab and Python (+Tensorflow and

                                           Pytorch framework). Proficient in using version-control systems (SVN, Git) as well. 

Modeling/Design             I am proficient in modeling with Cadence, Proteus, PTC - Creo, and Simulink

Office                                 I am proficient in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Project.

Linguistic Proficiency

Native Urdu and Punjabi

Level C2 English and Hindi

Level A2 German

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